How to Heal After a Devastating Heartbreak

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How I Got Over the Pain of Ending My 21 year Relationship in 18 weeks!

Who is this for?

A virtual workshop for women who have ended or want to end a toxic relationship and are ready to get beyond their pain quickly.

What You’ll Learn:
*How to Get Past the Pain and Grief Caused by Betrayal, Heartbreak and Disappointment.

*How to Get Him Out of Your System Quickly.

*How to Re-Build Your Life After Leaving Your Toxic Relationship

*How to Finally Experience Peace, Joy and Happiness After Heartbreak

*Also, as a bonus you will receive a Worship Playlist to Help You Through Your Healing Journey

What Customers Are Saying:

Meet the Facilitator

DeUndra Nicole is the Founder and CEO of Wife Nation, LLC. She is a Marriage Coach & Licensed Therapist of 17 years who coached Christian women on how to save and transform their marriages. God gave her a mandate to “go get My daughters” and instructed her to use the exact strategies that helped her save her own marriage over the previous 17 years to show his daughters ways to end their marital pain and distress. As a result of her obedience to that mandate hundreds of marriages and families were saved between 2016-2021.

In May 2021, DeUndra Nicole decided to end her 17-year marriage after the marital vow was broken. After healing from the devastation of the divorce, God told her that he had not changed His mind and she still needed to “go get My daughters”. Her assignment is to continue to help Christian women who are hurting within their marriage and to also coach women who are heartbroken from the pain of their divorce to transform their pain into B.L.I.S.S.

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